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Lisa Kolodny has been involved with school systems for over 25 years. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Writing and Composition at Beloit College in Wisconsin. During the summers she began working with children by substituting in preschools. She became a preschool teacher at a private school in Boulder CO after graduating and created a poetry class for third graders not long after starting her work there. After that, she continued to combine teaching with writing through gifted programs in the Boulder Valley Schools. She also created theater workshops and additional writing classes for the community. She decided to get a teaching certificate and attend Claremont Graduate School in California where she received her Masters of Arts in Teaching degree and a teaching credential. She taught 5th graders special education students, realizing her passion lay in special education. In addition to Claremont courses she attended classes at Cal Poly for Special Education. 

After graduating from Claremont Graduate University in California, Lisa moved to Texas. She received a lifetime teaching credential in regular education and special education. Her first year there she taught a PPCD class in Mesquite Texas. She worked with children who were on the autistic spectrum, had Down syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. These students were mostly nonverbal and she taught them how to speak sentences through creative storytelling. 

Lisa worked at Sylvan Learning Center with students of a wide range of ages. She tutored, in multiple subjects such as study skills, math, English and science for students ages preschool through 12th grade. She was especially recognized for her expertise in working with special needs children. She was asked to work with a preschooler who had trouble with left right dominance. This was a new area for Sylvan at the time.

Lisa decided to create her own business working with students with special needs. She worked with preschool to adults supporting her clients in various subjects. After having her first child Zachary, she continued her business. When her second child Isaac was 21 months old she went to teach Structured Teach Autistic Students at Gulledge Elementary in Plano, Texas.

After a year in Israel from 2004-2005, Lisa  realized that people who relocate need educational support as well as other adjustment services. When she returned to the United States she became an international destination consultant and earned her Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) certificate through the Education Relocation Center (ERC). She assisted families who came to North Texas helping them with their adjustment needs including education, housing, social security, driver's license and other issues. 

A few years later when she wanted to be available for her two sons she took a job as a tutor for AVID in Plano Independent School District. She continued to do relocation work sporadically. Mainly she worked with students in PISD in middle schools and a high school who were at risk and most likely to be the first in their household to go to college.

Lisa has been involved in PISD as both an employee and a parent, joining PTA, and assisting with field trips and theater in which both of her sons were active. She was also a den leader for Isaac's Cub Scout den. 

Lisa brings wide and varied experience and insight into public schools and PISD. She has worked with many students has received much positive response over the years and is highly regarded by many teachers, principals and parents.

Lisa is dedicated to the success of Plano’s children and was schooled in Gardner's 7 intelligences. She has a gift in bringing out different intelligences, especially in special needs children. Working in the system, she became aware that many needs were not being met. 

Lisa is for the student and plans to concentrate on issues such as: SAT/ACT preparation courses being more integrated into the curriculum, psychological counseling, bullying, ESL concerns involving both students and parents, overcrowded classrooms, transparency in testing (reporting the true cost of standardized testing) and the implementation of more training to help students and teachers detect and report when a student is a danger to themselves or others. For a more detailed explanation of her stance on issues please visit the issues page on this website: https://www.lisakolodnyforpisd.com/issues.html.

Lisa Kolodny has been married 26 years and lived in Plano for 24 years. Her two sons graduated with honors from Plano Senior High School. Isaac is majoring in Theater Arts at UTA. Zachary is double majoring in Political Science and Economics. He plans to go to Law School. 

Lisa Kolodny will be the voice for PISD’s students, parents and teachers!